The Board of Education in Bristol, CT Blows.

This year, obviously my town was hit with that horrendous snow storm that knocked out power for a week - five days. Every year, we are given seven snow days before they begin to take away vacations and tack on days until the school year is up.

Last night, the BOE voted to take away April Vacation - even though we’ve only used FIVE snow days. They didn’t want to take away Feburary because teachers have plans that week.

I was on Facebook: apparently, my school has a trip to Spain that week. So now those students will either have to a) reschedule the trip or b) be up to their brains in makeup work.

Personally, I do not want to have my breast reduction during the summer when Noah is here.

I just think it’s stupid that they’re taking away the vacation when we still have two snow days in tact. Watch, we’re not going to get ANY snow and they’re all going to look like total and complete assholes.

At least I get to graduate early…I think…I don’t even fucking know.

This is so stupid.

Can I go to college now? Please?

OH! And I need that fucking week to study for AP Exams. I only have one test, but English is pretty important to me.

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